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Au Pair is a way for few people to walk, and  fewer boys choose to become Au Pair, and I am a boy who goes on this road.
In response to a lot of setbacks and difficulties, I have received many kinds of help and blessing from family, teachers and friends. I hope to make a review of my experience through this summary, and also hope to share some of my experience and give a reference to the friends who are still in the matching stage.
Why do I chose to be an Au Pair?
At the beginning, I want to amend some of the shortcomings of his character. As Ms. Peng said, I have a lot of advantages, but I am not confident, my lack of communication will cover up my advantages, so I hope to have a good opportunity to improve my own character.
But as time went on, I experienced more and thought more, my attitude changed.
First of all, character, the process of Au Pair preparation is already a good opportunity to change. I have to communicate with teachers when we prepare materials, to participate in jobs about children and to communicate with parents, and these contacts are all good opportunities to improve myself. When we want to change, it is not important where we are, but whether we calm down to think and whether we have the courage and action to change.
Now I am still not confident, and communication skills need to be improved, but I am more open and more willing to express myself than I used to, and I believe that the days in the United States will give me more opportunities to change and improve.
Besides, after joining the work, I have another understanding of being an Au Pair. Because I worked in a tutorial class in the past six months, I saw that a child often embodies a family's upbringing. Many families in China are so similar that children have similar problems. I hope I can experience the differences in education in the United States and learn from each other's strengths.
Most importantly, I hope my life can be fun and prosperous. Being an Au Pair is a good choice
I believe that everyone will have their own goals and reasons, and deserve respect. I also think we should have a stick after we have a goal. Even if I say so much, I still shook many times in the match for nearly half a year. Fortunately, I had a family contact with me when I decided to give up the two time. This luck always makes me feel grateful and grateful for myself insisted on a little more time.
So if you have identified your goals, but are also waiting in the waiting, I hope you can stick to it, because when you match a family, all the waiting is meaningful.
About material preparation
With regard to my own material, I think it should not be better than the other Au Pairs, but there is still three families to contact me because of my material, and I think it is because my material has a prominent advantage - truth.
At that time, I was worried about the experience of 300 hours of children for a long time, and no opportunities could be found. But I did not choose the way to be perfunctory, such as going to the park to find a few children to take pictures, I think this is cheating the teacher and the family, the most important is to cheat myself, so sooner or later it will be pay back.
Later, the opportunity came. With the help of my teacher Zhao, I found a family with four children to be a tutor for more than a month. Every day I have a two hours class, then I played with the children, sometimes when the parents were not at home, I cooked for the kids, because the parents and children liked me, I also went to the amusement park with them. It was just the Au Pair life. Because I get along well with their family and the children often say they miss me. This gave me a lot of confidence that I could do well in becoming an Au Pair.
In addition, I took part in a public welfare association for three years, aid education program, be an assistant in primary school, helped an old with his autobiography and some of the experiences of the University, etc.. This experience also made my documents abundant. Therefore, I feel that if you do things with steady and sure, even if it takes longer than others, it will not be a detour, one day it will be rewarded.
About matching
There are three families to contact with me. The final match is second. After the family video, I realized that English was really important, because it was the basis of communication, so if you are still in the matching stage must be able to practice English well.
Part of the match with the second family is luck. Host mother's ancestral home is in Fujian. At the beginning, there is a feeling of kindness, and then host mother can speak Chinese. I can talk to them with Chinese in the interview, so it saves a lot of embarrassment. Of course, the family asked me questions that I answered very well, which is also an important reason. The problem is mainly about children, such as how to do when the children fight or the children do not want to go to school, these problems must pay attention to the age of children, because too small children can’t make sense, older children need to know the rules and responsibilities, it makes treatment methods different.
I think there are two reasons for the failure of the first family match. One is that my English is not good enough, the communication with the family is not smooth, the other is that I don't care about the children. When the family asked me to ask my questions, I didn't show enough concern for the children. This is my fault. When the third families were still in contact, the second families sent me offer. So I don't know if this family will finally choose me. But what impressed me most about this family is that they first let their children talk to me alone for half an hour. As teachers have always stressed, Au Pair is a project for children to exist, so whether or not we have a match, we should accumulate more children's experience, improve the ability to connect with children, and know more about children.
I think the host families have various reasons to choose an Au Pair. It's a fate. The important thing is to cherish, appreciate and give back this trust.
Next, I will continue to learn how to drive, learn English, and express myself more in life, and learn a better way of communication. Because family children are relatively small, I have to learn about the characteristics of children in this age group, learn how to interact with them, etc. The new stage has been opened, I am still on the way of changing.
Last words
Because almost a year has passed since graduation, and a lot of things have happened. It is hard to say clearly. I summed up some of my gains:
1. Communication is really important. In particular, communication with teachers will gain a lot of experience and avoid detours.
Everyone has their own shortcomings, so we will encounter difficulties. Don't retreat when faced with difficulties.
Pay and gain is directly proportional to it. We must dare to break through ourselves and work hard in the right way.
. Don't be lazy. Don't give ourselves too many excuses.
Complaining is the best way to destroy a thing.
 When conditions are not enough, give yourself enough time.
In the end, there are some words of thanks. Thank my parents for their understanding and support. Thank Ms. Zhao for guiding me when I was confused. Thank Ms. Peng, for teaching me to deal with things maturely, thank Lina and Grace for their help in my materials. Thank you for every friend who encouraged me and help me (especially Linp, Cywill, June and Amy), and also thanks to myself for the imperfect but hard work.


Something that stays in your mind will someday spring up in your life. I hope every friend who has a dream can stick to your goals and have a bright future.



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